Application of side channel blower in Grain Suction Machine

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-14 21:51
In the process of using grain suction machine, we must pay attention to many fan brands, to prevent particulate matter from entering the side channel blower, because the gap between the internal parts of the high-pressure fan is very thin, once particulate matter enters, it will affect the normal operation of the fan, if the fan is damaged or there are abnormal conditions in operation, it will greatly affect the production. But this kind of problem does not exist for the high-pressure wind turbines. One of the things about the high-pressure wind turbines is that they are very well sealed. In the process of grain suction, it is almost impossible for particulate matter to enter the side channel blower.
side channel blower can absorb up to 30 kg of grain per minute, and can be adjusted or tailored to meet the needs. Green environmental protection, professional and reliable. It can not only improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs, but also save energy and reduce irritability to meet production needs.