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 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-07 16:15
turbo style blower

Rotary turbo style blower is a variable-volume compressed blower, which produces heat of compression when it is in normal operation. At the same time, friction between slider and pump body also produces heat of friction. It is normal to feel hot hands slightly.
If the temperature of rotary fan is on the high side, the following five steps should be taken to check it:
1. Check the lubricating oil system first.
2. Whether the fan is running short of oil;
3. Is the fan pressure on the high side?
4. Is the air filter blocked?
5. Is the fan room poorly ventilated?
If the temperature of the turbo style blower is too high, it will consume the main engine. It is very important for the long life rotary blower to maintain regular maintenance.