The Use Method and Attentions of turbo twin hair blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-07 16:10
According to the changing law of dissolved oxygen in water, the time and period of oxygen enrichment of turbo twin hair blower are determined. Usually in April to May, it starts at midnight on cloudy and rainy days. Start 2-3 hours in the afternoon of June-October, 2-3 hours before and after sunrise, continuous rainy or low-pressure weather, 21:00-22:00 at night, and continue until noon of the second day. In the later stage of aquaculture, the plant should be turned on frequently to promote the growth of aquaculture objects. Conditional detection of dissolved oxygen. Turn on at the right time to ensure that the dissolved oxygen in the water is 6-8 mg/l.

turbo twin hair blower
When installing the swirl air pump (turbo twin hair blower), attention should be paid to ventilation, heat dissipation, sunshade and waterproof. Aeration pipes and pans should be installed at the same level in order to balance the supply of oxygen. After the installation of microporous aeration equipment, it should be used frequently to prevent microporous blockage. After the end of the annual breeding cycle, it should be cleaned in time. Because of the different breeds, density and area of breeding, the pipeline laying of the vortex pump aeration system is different. If the pipeline is not laid properly, it will affect the effect of oxygen enrichment.