Application of side channel air blower in Practice

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-18 18:44
side channel blower

In order to consider the fault switching of cross-flow side channel air blower frequency converter to power frequency operation, the throttle needs to be retained. Although the damper is fully open, there are still some obstacles in the operation of frequency conversion regulation. In addition, the power-saving effect of cross-flow side channel air blowers varies with different operating conditions, so the actual power-saving rate is different from the estimated results. However, from the above results, the energy-saving effect is remarkable (the estimated energy-saving effect is between 50% and 6O%).
In the industrial field, high-voltage side channel air blower high-power motor is the heart of the whole industrial system, its power consumption accounts for more than 30% of the total power generation in the country, and it is the system with the largest share of energy consumption. The power consumption of large and medium-sized side channel air blowers and pumps driven by high-power motors accounts for more than 50% of the total power consumption of side channel air blowers and pumps. Because of various technological requirements in large-scale systems, their side channel air blowers and pumps are designed according to the worst environment. In most of the running time, they belong to the state of a big horse-drawn trolley. The simple way to regulate the cross-flow side channel air blower is to use baffles or valves to regulate the air volume or flow rate to meet the requirements of load change and its energy. The loss is quite serious. It is undoubtedly of great significance to save energy and improve the efficiency of equipment to adjust the air volume or flow rate by changing the speed of motor. High-voltage blower is the main power-consuming equipment in industrial production. The application of high-voltage and high-power motor is more prominent, and most of these equipment have great energy-saving potential. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to vigorously develop high-voltage and high-power variable frequency speed regulation technology.