Structural Characteristics of online blower Box Unit

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-17 16:43
Today, I want to explain the structure characteristics of a online blower box unit. I hope I can grasp it carefully so as to make better use of it.
This online blower box unit is designed by assembling frame and box plate. The frame is drawn by an advanced metal cold bending forming unit at one time, while the box plate is a compound plate structure, and noise-suppressing materials are set in its inner layer, which further reduces the noise. Its impellers are all molded and multi-blade forward-inclined impellers, which have the characteristics of high efficiency, low noise, large air volume, stable operation, stable quality and durability.
It is necessary to control the microbial contamination points in the purification unit. Because the structure, temperature and humidity are suitable for the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, the box, filter, muffler and humidifier of the purification unit have become potential microbial contamination points, which must be controlled. If the cabinet body of the unit should be free from damage, rust, disinfection, heat preservation and good sealing performance, it can be used as antimicrobial materials widely used in refrigerators; filter performance indicators meet the requirements, mufflers, humidifiers, etc. do not retain condensable substances, and the unit is often cleaned or disinfected.
There are also different classifications of equipment, but the basic form is online blower, which can be directly connected with air duct or installed on the ground. The installation form can be vertical horizontal installation and hoisting. However, it should be noted that if installed on the ground, it is necessary to install a shock absorption system to ensure the normal operation of the fan.