Five Problems Faced by side channel blower Industry

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-17 16:30
In recent years, China's side channel blower industry has gradually become large-scale, and the total domestic market has grown rapidly. Many powerful foreign manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the Chinese market, and the industry war centered on the domestic market has begun. Compared with our international competitors, we are facing five crises, which deserve to be watched out.
Firstly, the economic environment has changed, and the cost pressure of enterprises has increased.
This year, the impact of the downward growth of the national economy on the fan industry will gradually emerge, and the cost pressure of enterprise operation will inevitably increase. Increased wages for workers, the rise of the RMB exchange rate, domestic inflation and the tightening of the national currency policy all increase the seriousness of this problem.
2. Overcapacity and serious homogeneity of low-end products
Unbalanced industrial structure. Although China's fan products cover more than 200 series and more than 2000 varieties, there are many kinds of products which are not perfect, overlapping layout and repeated investment are common. The mutual extrusion of raw materials, technology, capital and sales aggravates the trend of homogenization of products, and the indistinct product characteristics and non-prominent competitive advantages make the fan enterprises develop in a self-extending mode, which aggravates the polarization of the fan industry in China.
Third, basic technology research is not in place and common technology is backward.
In order to shorten the gap with the powerful wind turbine manufacturers, it is necessary to make breakthroughs in the research and development of key technologies and components. However, the industry is facing the dilemma of shortage of generic technology research and development, and many generic technologies are eating the old stock. Lack of innovation system and organization of research commonness, key and core technology is an important reason.
Developed countries have put generic technology R&D in the prominent position of industrial development, while China's generic technology R&D has always lagged behind. In the future, we should gather the industry's superior resources, optimize the allocation, accelerate the construction of common technology R&D and innovation system with the support of relevant state departments, and achieve real breakthroughs in major key technologies in the industry.
Fourth, product manufacturing mode needs to be upgraded urgently
At present, the biggest short plate of fan products in China belongs to poor reliability. Poor product reliability brings about all kinds of "bad consequences". First, users are unsatisfied, and secondly, the profitability of enterprises is lowered. After-sales service cost has become a huge expenditure of wind turbine enterprises. The poor reliability of products keeps the service cost high. The problem of poor reliability of domestic fan products can not be properly solved. Chinese fan products equal to the "hat" of low-end cheap products can not be removed. National enterprises can only compete in the low-end market and form a vicious circle.
Fifth: Improper competition in the industry has begun to emerge
Improper intra-industry competition. Under the trend of economic benefits, some wind turbine manufacturers with relatively slow development have no obvious advantages in industrial technology and product performance, so they have started a vicious price war with reducing product prices as "advantages" from the conventional "quality" and "quantity" wars. In order to seize the market, some enterprises even take advantage of "negative benefits" to expand their market share. While seriously disturbing the market order, some regular manufacturers have to lower the sales price of fans.
Optimizing and improving the reliability of products involves all aspects, and improving the manufacturing capability of equipment is the first one. Sharp tools make good work. It can be said that whoever has excellent manufacturing ability will win the market opportunities. Promote the competitiveness of enterprises by technological development. Scientific and technological innovation, as a core value of an enterprise based on the market, is also a direct reflection of the level of enterprise development and market competitiveness. It can continuously improve the product grade and speed up the product updating with positive technological innovation. In addition, the unified and perfect market supervision mechanism as an important foundation for the orderly development of China's fan industry, is also the first problem to be solved in this period of China's fan industry.