Talking about whether ring blower can replace air pump

 Blower Technology     |      2019-08-29 18:57
Blowers and air pumps are not the same equipment for the same purpose. First of all, air pump, also known as air compressor, can store compressed air, the pressure can be adjusted, the use of a wide range of areas; although it can store compressed air of a certain pressure value, but it can not output constant pressure value of air, can not output large flow of air, the equipment itself does not have long-term operation capacity, described as starting to start compression. To a certain pressure value, stop, then use compressed air, empty to the lowest set pressure value, start and continue to compress.
ring blower
There are many kinds of blowers, but their characteristics are that they can output air with constant pressure value, have long-term operation ability and adjustable pressure. Some of them are not suitable for frequent start-stop process. For example, centrifugal blowers are similar to household ones. They are used for blowers. Different types of blowers have different structures and different management.
Under the design conditions of high-pressure blower, the blower with 30 kPa~200 KPa air pressure or e=1.3~3 compression ratio belongs to the category of high-pressure blower. At present, air-ring vacuum pump is generally classified as high-pressure blower in the industry. High-pressure blower, also known as high-pressure blower, is different from general centrifugal high-pressure blower.
Ring blower is small and easy to carry; besides impeller, Ring blower has no other moving parts, and impeller is directly connected to motor, no gear or drive belt, so it has high reliability and almost no maintenance.