Widespread Application of side channel blower in Cleaning Eq

2019-08-26 16:12
With the extensive application of the gradually mature industrial cleaning technology, various specialized cleaning enterprises in the field of industrial cleaning services are constantly emerging and growing, and the most commonly used equipment in the cleaning industry machinery is the side channel blower for cleaning equipment.
Working Principle of Special side channel blower for Cleaning Equipment
side channel blower is generally used for cleaning equipment for air knife drying. It is used for cleaning and drying the product surface with hot air blown out by the fan. The cleaning equipment is mainly composed of a transmission system, lifting system, cleaning system, clean water washing, de-plasma water cleaning, high-pressure air drying, electric control system, etc. Vortex pump plays an important role in the air-drying section of drying equipment in cleaning equipment, because the pressure of the vortex pump is high, the wind blowing out is strong and fast, the wind blowing out is more powerful, and the temperature of the fan will gradually rise after the vortex pump runs for a period of time, so the wind blowing out is hot, which is more conducive to drying the mechanical surface water droplets (blower). Temperature = ambient temperature + the temperature generated by the fan itself, as long as the temperature of the fan does not exceed the prescribed temperature, it can run for a long time. The watermarks on the surface of the hot air-dried product can ensure the cleanliness, dryness, and efficiency of the product. Moreover, the scroll air pump has been widely used in China at a low price. It can be matched or pipelined. Use, reduce production time and save cost.
Selection of Installation Location of Special side channel blower for Cleaning Equipment

Widespread Application of side channel blower in Cleaning Eq
1. To be installed indoors or in places not disturbed by wind and rain.
2. The ambient temperature is below 40 C.
3. Relative humidity below 80%.
4. If the air contains corrosive or flammable gases such as acid and alkali, please select the appropriate anti-corrosion and explosion-proof fan.
5. If there is a large amount of dust and powder dust in the use environment, it is necessary to install a filter device to protect the fan, and regularly clean or replace the filter device.
6. Attention should be paid to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the side channel blower. It is best to install it in a well-ventilated place. It should not be used in an airtight chamber or an airtight box.

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