How to Play Vibration Effect of High Pressure Centrifugal bl

2019-07-29 11:43
The high-pressure centrifugal fan produced by our factory is a driven fluid machine which relies on mechanical energy input to increase gas pressure and discharge gas side by side. High-pressure centrifugal fans are widely used in ventilation, dust removal and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and induction of boilers and industrial furnaces; cooling and ventilation of air conditioning equipment and household appliances; drying and selection of grains; ventilation tunnel and hovercraft propulsion. Today, Xiaobian explained to you the vibration effect of high-pressure centrifugal fan.
The high-pressure centrifugal fan produced by our company is a kind of machine used to compress and convey gas. From the energy point of view, it is a machine that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into gas energy. There are two types of fans: turbofan and volumetric fan. High pressure centrifugal fan belongs to a small class of steam turbine fan. The boosting capacity of the fan is generally between 0 and 30 Kpa. Pressure profile is divided into low pressure centrifugal fan, medium pressure centrifugal fan and high pressure centrifugal fan.
With the increasing requirements of environmental protection departments for desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal, bleaching and other processes, the resistance of pipeline system increases linearly, which requires that the ability of fan to overcome the resistance of the system increases continuously, while the high-pressure centrifugal fan needs higher rotational speed to achieve extremely high pressure. From the feedback of the actual market, facing the high-pressure centrifugal fan manufacturer, the measure is to use low-speed and large fans to achieve high-pressure effect. Few enterprises with strong technical force and strong processing ability adopt high-speed and small fans to achieve high-pressure effect. On the premise that the two schemes can achieve high pressure effect at the same time, the objective analysis of the two schemes is carried out from the perspective of the owner.
How to Play Vibration Effect of High Pressure Centrifugal bl
High-capacity and low-speed schemes are very high for owners in terms of pre-purchase cost, post-maintenance cost and site area cost, and the owners'subjective feeling is that the vibration is relatively small; for owners, high-speed and low-capacity schemes have the characteristics of low pre-purchase cost, low post-maintenance cost and small space, and are very convenient. 。 Easy to use. Owners often worry about the vibration of operation. Dynamic values may increase, affecting long-term use.
However, these are sensory perceptions. In fact, the vibration value of the fan is independent of the speed. According to section 3.2.4 (b) of JB/T10563-2006 general centrifugal fan, the effective value of rigid support of vibration speed shall not exceed 4.6 mm/s and the flexible support shall not exceed 7.1 mm/s.
Article 3.1.2 of JB/T8689-1998 Wind Fan Vibration Detection Limit also stipulates that the vibration value of rigid support is less than 4.6 mm/s and that of flexible support is less than 7.1 mm/s. It can be seen that the fan industry standards have the same requirements for the fan < 4.6mm/s, which has nothing to do with the speed and is worrying. Users can release vibration values at high speeds. If you still feel uncomfortable, please watch our video to test the vibration.

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