How to Drive regenerative blower

2019-07-26 18:22
The fan usually has two transmission modes, one is belt transmission with triangular waveband, the other is direct transmission which directly connects the fan and the motor. In practice, because the fan adopts belt drive or direct drive has its advantages and disadvantages, it is necessary to select appropriate shifting mode according to the actual situation of high-pressure centrifugal fan.
When high-pressure centrifugal fan is driven by triangular belt, the diameter of belt pulley must be changed. The advantage of triangular wave transmission is that the number of rotations can be selected in a wide range. However, in the use process, the triangle belt should be adjusted at intervals. When the triangle belt is loose, there will be slippage or insufficient air in the high-pressure centrifugal fan. On the other hand, in order to maintain a stable transmission, appropriate tension is needed, and additional lateral force is applied to the shaft end of the fan.
If the = fan is directly connected, its advantage is that there is no lateral force on the fan shaft, but the transmission power can be very large, but the disadvantage is that the selected speed is low, and the displacement is large. In most cases, the bypass pipeline must be installed in the air, and in the case of high-pressure centrifugal fan wasting power, it is relatively large.

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