Maintenance of Fan

2019-07-12 17:38
Maintenance of Fan:
1. After installation and commissioning, please check the running current to ensure that the fan runs within the rated current and avoid overload operation.
2. Teams are required to clean the filter system regularly to avoid long-term work, resulting in dust clogging the filter element, resulting in the system.
Overload operation, and need to check regularly to clean and replace filter elements, increase the number of patrols.
3. Ask the team members to check the operating temperature of the fan regularly to ensure that the ambient temperature and the intake temperature of the fan are at 50.
The surface temperature of the motor and the pump body are below 70 and 100 respectively.
4. Ensure that the power supply voltage of the fan is normal and avoid undervoltage or phase-gap operation.
5. Bearings, oil seals and other key components of fans are vulnerable parts, which should be determined according to the working load or working temperature, etc.
Periodic replacement, generally the application industry with large load suggests 6-9 months replacement once.
6. See the instructions for use for details.

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