Air knife blow dry

2022-09-23 11:17
The NexFlow air knife is produced by the famous china dereike, and is driven by compressed air. In the industrial field, there are a lot of applications such as blowing water, blowing and dust removal, such as blowing dust and moisture on the surface of steel plates and aluminum alloy materials. Blow off moisture from the surface of bottles such as beverage bottles and packaging cans, blow off dust, residue, moisture on the outer surface of the product, and clean the conveyor belt.
     The air knife can be driven by a turbo fan or a high-pressure fan (instead of high-energy compressed air). It uses different fans to cooperate with the air knife to blow the surface debris and moisture in time. According to different needs, the wind knife with different functions is extended: 1, standard air knife; 2, small air knife; 3, general-purpose stainless steel air knife; 4, precision stainless steel air knife; 5, strong wind type air knife; Curved air knife; 7, suction air knife; 8, curved combination air knife; 9, annular air knife; 10, hot air knife; 11, small hot air knife; 12, diamond hot air knife; 13, circulating hot air knife ; 14, corrosion-resistant air knife; 15, ion wind knife and so on.
air knife
After the compressed air enters the air knife, it is blown out at a high speed with an air flow sheet having a thickness of only 0.05 mm. Through the Coenda effect principle and the special geometry of the wind knife, the thin film wind curtain can make up to 30~40 times of ambient air, and form a thin high-intensity, large airflow impact air curtain. The air knife is divided into two types: the standard air knife and the super air knife. The air curtain of the standard air knife is deflected 90 degrees and then blown out. The air curtain of the super air knife blows out horizontally.
Air knife blow drying requirements for fans

dry knife
1. The importance of air knife drying and selection.
     In order to better remove or dedust the product, a lot of research has been carried out at home and abroad, and a large number of air knife application technologies have been formed. The most common use is to blow the water on the product with a wind knife. If the air volume is not up to the required level, the desired effect will not be achieved, so choosing the right blower (wind source) becomes very important.
2. Air knife blow drying requires the conditions for the selection of the fan.
     In the air knife drying, the fan has its own requirements: the air volume of the fan is determined by the opening cross-sectional area of ​​the air knife and the wind speed. The pressure of the fan is selected by the wind speed, wind pressure resistance coefficient, pipeline loss and filter loss. ~5KPa) to determine.
3. Changes in the air knife drying system.
     The newly designed and manufactured air knife drying system, the fan pressure flow rate is within the design range, the air knife is on the production line, the distance of the product from the air knife is not very far or some human factors cause the air knife blade to deform. (Reducing or increasing) affects the normal flow rate and pressure of the air knife. At this time, the loss of pipeline and the loss of pressure loss are particularly important.


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