What is a wind knife?

2019-05-15 11:26

wind knife

Compressed gas is produced by high-pressure fan. After the compressed air enters the wind knife, it is blown out at a high speed by a thin airflow sheet. The maximum ambient air volume of this thin air curtain can be 30 to 40 times, thus forming a thin, high-intensity, atmospheric flow impact wind curtain. The wind knife can be divided into two types: standard wind knife and super wind knife. When the wind curtain of standard wind knife is deflected 90 degrees, the wind curtain of super wind knife is blown horizontally.

1.Working Principle of Wind Knife

Compressed air enters the high pressure chamber of the air knife through the air inlet

(1). After the air flow passes through the narrow and thin nozzle

(2), a balanced air flow sheet is formed in the length direction of the air knife. Because the compression ratio of the chamber

(3) to the high pressure air flow is 40:1, the minimum pressure loss of the air velocity is the largest, so a strong impact air flow sheet is produced to achieve dewatering, dedusting and drying. Purpose of drying and cooling



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