25kW large side channel blower blower

2020-05-04 16:08
Some large enterprise factories or large mechanical equipment need to use large side channel blower for auxiliary work, which is very desirable.
The large fan has the following characteristics: multi-purpose, not only can inhale but also blow.
Second, it is very environment-friendly and almost runs without oil in the process of use.
Third, pressure, wind.
Fourth, low noise, will not bring trouble to the surrounding residents.
Fifth, the high-pressure fan is very durable, easy to maintain, and almost maintenance free.
Sixth, the mechanical wear of the high-pressure fan itself in the operation process is very small, and its service life is at least three years.
Seventh, the assembly of high-pressure fan is very easy and convenient.
Large side channel blower generally have high pressure, large air volume, low noise and light weight compared with other equipment. The gap between the rotor and the rotor, between the rotor and the body is small. The pressure of wind is greatly increased.
After special design and development, the internal blade has high manufacturing degree, wear resistance, strong wind force and long service life. Even if it works normally in the environment above 5000, it is resistant to high temperature and severe cold.
What are the requirements and precautions for the installation of large high pressure blower?
1. Place of installation: it shall be installed indoors free from wind and rain;
2. Ambient temperature: below 40 ℃ relative humidity: below 80%;
3. Dust protection: avoid using in places with a large amount of dust, powder solid or fiber. If it is necessary to use in such places, please install a filter, and regularly clean the dust attached to the filter screen and the inside of the high-pressure blower;
4. Ventilation and heat dissipation: please choose to use in a well ventilated place, not in a closed room or box;
Large high-pressure fans should be handled without bumping to prevent damage to internal parts.

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