Application of ring blower

2022-07-08 17:19
1, Automotive industry: used to blow off the manufacturing of additional water, coolant, dust, debris, and so on, as well as steel plate painting before blowing cooling, drying, dust.
2, Electronic industry: electronic circuit board before assembly quickly dry.
3. Beverage canning and bottling: before labeling, inkjet or packaging, the bottle mouth or bottle body moisture and attachment shall be blown off.
4, Chemical industry: before labeling or packaging, the surface chemical substances or water blowing.
5, Food and medicine: before manufacturing or packaging, the water and attachment to blow off, or bag before opening and bag dust.
6, Metal industry: blowing coolant or other liquid from the metal surface. Dry or cool the surface before polishing, electroplating and painting.
7, Rubber and plastic industry: blow off the dust or debris on the surface of the product. Dry before extrusion or injection. The product is cooled after injection forming.
8, Printing (inkjet) : inkjet, dust, debris, water vapor blowing before printing, or used in rapid drying ink.

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