What are the characteristics and advantages of vortex air pump (vortex air pump)

2022-06-16 17:46
blower part
1. The structure is compact and the volume is relatively small, which is very convenient for transportation. As one of the working parts, the air pump needs to have the advantages of convenient transportation and handling. Some factories are not very well located. They are far away, and the traffic cannot arrive in time. Therefore, the vortex air pump (vortex air pump) should have a tight structure and a small volume. Features, so it is very convenient in the process of transportation and handling.

2. It can be used continuously without stopping and is convenient for long-term use. It can be continuously transported without stopping, and the use time is long. Generally, the factory needs to maintain operation for a long time in production to ensure the normal operation of the production line, so the vortex air pump (vortex air pump) can be used continuously. Sex work, no rest, continuous production is very beneficial to customers, which can save costs and create greater benefits.
3. During the use of the vortex air pump (vortex air pump), the noise is relatively small, and many air pumps are relatively noisy during use, which affects the normal rest of the surrounding residents, but the vortex air pump (vortex air pump) The noise is greatly reduced during use. , the surrounding residents and nearby factories are not easily affected. This type of air pump is still relatively popular, so it can prevent the noise problem between the factory and the residents and increase the credibility of the manufacturer.

4. The vortex air pump (vortex air pump) is also more convenient to operate and easy to use, which also improves the production efficiency.

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