ring blower malfunction and elimination method

2022-06-07 17:24
Ring blower fault and troubleshooting details, you can choose a variety of ways to contact the staff, free access to professional ring blwoer fault and troubleshooting solutions! As a professional seller of ring blower, we provide stable high quality supply of ring blower for the merchants of the country, at the same time to provide comprehensive information consulting services, on the fault of ring blower and troubleshooting methods of a series of problems, you are welcome to add staff QQ or call for you to answer! When the impeller turns, due to the centrifugal force, the vane causes the gas to move forward and outward, thus forming a series of spiral movements.
The air between the impeller blades rotates spirally and squeezes the gas outside the pump body into the side groove (inhaled by the suction port). When it enters the side channel, the gas is compressed, and then returns to the impeller blades to accelerate rotation again.

The faults and troubleshooting methods of ring blower are as follows:
1. The speed decreases
2. The pipe network resistance increases

1. Low power supply voltage or motor failure
2. Reduce pipe resistance
3. Adjust the working status
4. Reconnect the motor

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