What should be paid attention to when installing explosion-proof blowers

2022-06-06 09:14
Fan is one of the important parts of explosion-proof motor. In addition to some special series of motor products, most explosion-proof motors should be equipped with fans to improve the heat dissipation conditions of explosion-proof motors. When installing multiple side wall fans at the same place, the spacing and layout of the side wall fans should be fully considered to avoid the impact of the side wall fans on the phase rocks. The fan of explosion-proof motor can be divided into inner fan and outer fan according to the installation position. The internal fan is located in the inner cavity of the explosion-proof motor and is generally in dynamic balance with the motor rotor of the motor.
Explosion-proof fans

The external fan of the explosion-proof motor is located outside the motor. In general, the external fan of the explosion-proof motor is installed at one end of the motor shaft and rotates at the same time with the rotor of the explosion-proof motor. Other fans, such as variable frequency motors, require separate power and do not need to be connected to a rotating shaft. At the installation site of anti-corrosion side wall fans, it should be considered that there should be a space for placing the accessories such as the casing, the rotor, the air inlet box and the adjusting door, as well as for strong matching, disassembly and maintenance. Side wall fan adopts belt drive, and the space for motor alignment and pulley replacement should also be considered. When anti-corrosion side wall fans are installed indoors, the structure of the house should be relatively spacious, and there are enough wide and high doors for the movement and transportation of the side wall fans. When installing fans, use proper methods, such as hot jackets or cold pressure, and use proper tools to protect fans from damage and improve their balance.

If tapping is used when installing the fan, it is likely to cause local deformation of the fan and affect the matching effect with the rotating shaft. This is a relatively common operation, but it is also very unpopular. As a rotating body, a very important factor is the dynamic equilibrium of the rotating body itself. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the motor rotor and the static balance of the fan itself is needed to achieve the dynamic balance of rotation to a greater extent. The body and reduce the vibration of the explosion-proof protection motor play a role in suppressing noise. Explosion-proof blowers are widely used for ventilation, dust removal and cooling in factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; Ventilation and ventilation of boilers and industrial furnaces; Cooling and ventilation in air conditioning equipment and household electrical equipment; Drying and selection of grain; Wind tunnel wind source and hovercraft inflating and pushing.

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