How to choose the side channel blower

2020-10-04 21:12
In this case, according to the type of side channel blower, the type of side channel blower and the type of secondary fan can be selected according to the type of side channel blower, the type of fan, the type of secondary fan, and so on The required working conditions are to make the rated flow and pressure of high pressure fan close to the flow and pressure required by the process as far as possible, so as to make the operating point of side channel blower close to the high-efficiency area of side channel blower characteristics. The specific principles are as follows:


1. Before selecting side channel blowers, it is necessary to understand the production and product quality of domestic side channel blowers, such as the varieties and specifications of side channel blowers produced, the special uses of various products, the development and promotion of new products, etc., and the requirements of environmental protection shall be fully considered so as to select and optimize the fans. A kind of
2. When there are more than two kinds of side channel blowers to choose from in the performance chart of side channel blower selection, priority should be given to the one with higher efficiency and smaller unit number; the one with larger regulation range should also be compared and decided by weighing the advantages and disadvantages. A kind of
3. If the impeller diameter of the selected fan is much larger than that of the original side channel blower, in order to make use of the original motor shaft, bearing and support, the starting time of the motor, the strength of the original components of the side channel blower and the critical speed of the shaft must be calculated.

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