Precautions for the use of ring blower

2020-08-25 21:57
Because the annular ring blower is widely used, its selection is relatively complex. Generally speaking, the following two steps should be followed:
1. It is necessary to determine what function of the fan is used on site, whether it is suction or blowing, and find out the pressure flow curve corresponding to the annular high-pressure fan; if the curve is misread, sometimes the selected products will not be used;
2. According to the calculated pressure and flow, the working curve above the working point corresponding to the pressure and flow can be found on the curve;
Then, according to the working curve, the model of annular ring blower is selected; as long as it is different from the work site, its demand for pressure and flow is different, so, in order to get relatively accurate data, it is necessary to carry out relevant calculation.
ring blower
Installation precautions
1. Flat and spring washers must be used to tighten the screws;
2. It is better to use rubber buffer to bear the weight of annular high-pressure fan, especially the selection of high-power blower;
3. For some occasions where noise is required, silencers can be installed to reduce noise (generally, about 5dB). Mufflers are installed at the end of inlet or outlet ducts;
4. For some occasions with high noise requirements, the noise requirements can be met by adding a layer of silencing pad according to the conditions of the machine itself.
5. When using the silencing pad, pay attention to the distance between the annular high-pressure fan and the box, pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the fan, and pay attention to the use of rubber buffer rubber to bear the weight of the annular high-pressure fan. Please consult our staff for details;
6. The inlet and outlet pipes of annular ring blower should be connected with hose to isolate vibration.
Precautions for the use of annular high-pressure fan our annular high-pressure fan needs two aspects of protection:
One is pressure. For pressure, the relief valve is often used. It is a unloading valve. When the operating pressure of the annular high-pressure fan exceeds the pressure set by the relief valve, the relief valve will automatically open to release the excess pressure, so as to protect the fan.
Second, dust, for dust, the filter is often used. According to the different use site, the filter element with different filtering precision is often used. Different filter element has different maintenance method and service life. In some special occasions, special protection is needed
For example, when it is used in a sealed environment, attention should be paid to ventilation and heat dissipation; when the ambient temperature (when the intake air temperature is relatively high), ventilation and heat dissipation should be paid more attention to, or the annular high-pressure fan that allows the inlet air temperature to be higher (for example, there is a annular blower, which allows the inlet air temperature to reach 130 °).

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