sweetwater aeration systems

2020-07-22 08:43
The oxygen pump can be called air pump, which can press air into the water and make the oxygen in the air fully contact with the water, so as to make part of the oxygen into the water, increase the oxygen content of the water and ensure the growth of fish in the water. Ornamental fish tank, large to the fish pond, are useful.

Piston air pump:
When the piston moves down the dead center, the cylinder cavity increases, the air in the cylinder expands and the pressure decreases. The air outlet valve is closed, the air inlet valve is pushed open by the atmospheric pressure, and the air flows into the cylinder and inhales.
When the piston moves to the top dead center, the cylinder chamber decreases, the intake valve closes, the air in the cylinder is compressed and the pressure increases. The outlet valve is pushed open by the gas in the cylinder, and the compressed air flows into the air storage tank.

1. It has two functions of blowing and suction. One machine can be used for both suction and blowing;
2. The output air is clean when running with little or no oil;
3. Compared with centrifugal fan and medium pressure fan, its pressure is much higher, which is more than ten times of centrifugal fan;
4. If the pump body is integral die-casting, and the shockproof mounting foot base is used, then the requirements for the installation foundation are very high-pressure, the fan is low, and even can run normally without fixing the foot seat, which is very convenient and also saves the installation cost and installation cycle;
5. Compared with the same kind of fans, the operation noise of the oxygen pump is relatively low, such as the introduction of Ultra-static sound type high-pressure fan by Dereike fan:
6. Maintenance free use; its wear and tear parts are only two bearings, within the warranty period, basically do not need maintenance;
7. The mechanical wear of the aerator pump is very small, because there is no other mechanical contact part except for the bearing, so the service life is also very long. As long as it is under normal use conditions, 3-5 years is totally no problem;
8. Easy to install, easy to use!

The aerator pump is a kind of ventilating air source for both blowing and air supply; Paper cutting machine, combustion oxygen reducing machine, winding machine filter forming machine, electroplating bath liquid mixing, atomizing dryer, fish culture and oxygen increasing, water treatment explosion gas, screen printing machine, photographic plate making machine, automatic feeding machine, liquid filling machine, powder filling machine, Changlin Dongfeng Machine, welding equipment, film machinery, paper conveying, cleaning of dry cleaning clothes, air dust removal, dry bottle, gas transmission and feeding And collection.
Use and maintenance
1. Oxygen pump should be placed in a stable place, and the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated.
2. The rotation direction of the impeller of the high-pressure oxygen pump must be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the fan housing.
3、 When the aerator pump is working, the working pressure shall not be greater than the rated maximum air pressure of the model, so as to avoid excessive heat produced by the air pump and damage caused by the motor over current.
4. In addition to the two bearings of the motor rotor, there is no direct contact friction in other parts of the oxygen pump. The bearing installation of the air pump is mainly divided into two types. A kind of air pump end bearing is installed in the pump body between the motor base and impeller, which usually does not need to add grease. The bearing at the end of the second type air pump is installed in the middle of the pump cover. The bearing at the end of the air pump should be lubricated regularly (7018 high-speed grease). Once a month, for three shifts of continuous work of the air pump should increase the number of refueling. This kind of air pump motor fan end bearing maintenance according to a class of air pump.
5. The filter screen and silencing device at both ends of the oxygen pump inlet and outlet should be cleaned timely according to the situation, so as to avoid blocking and affecting the use.
6. The air inlet and outlet of oxygen pump must be connected by hose (such as rubber tube and plastic spring tube).
7. Replacement of the bearing of the oxygen pump: the replacement of the bearing must be operated by someone familiar with the repair work. First loosen the screws on the pump cover, and then remove the parts one by one according to the sequence shown in the figure. The removed parts shall be cleaned and then assembled in reverse order. When disassembling, do not pry the impeller, use a special Ramallah, at the same time, do not omit the adjusting gasket, so as to avoid affecting the clearance of the regulator.
8. Solid, liquid and corrosive gas are forbidden to enter the pump body.
Purchase notes
1. A simple understanding of the strength of the supplier scale: registered capital, business scope, company is to obtain the necessary certificate.
2. Supplier's enterprise background, historical performance and growth: whether the company's actions are legal and standardized.
3. Whether the product reliability, quality assurance and after-sales service are perfect: whether the product has passed CE certification, Rosh certification, SGS certification, etc.
4. Whether the logistics is timely, payment method, etc.


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