Types of fish pond aerators

2020-07-17 09:34
Aerators are the most direct and effective way to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen. At present, there are many equipments on the market to aerate the aquaculture industry, such as traditional water surface aerators, jet aerators, high-pressure fans (vortex air pumps), etc. , Which fan is more suitable for aeration under water aeration, we can analyze, and depends on the specific breeding situation of the customer.
Impeller type aerator: It has the comprehensive effects of aeration, water stirring and gas explosion. It is the most used aerator at present. Its aeration capacity and power efficiency are better than other models, but the noise during operation is large, generally It is used for large-area pond culture with a water depth of about 1 meter.

Waterwheel aerator: It has good aeration effect and promotes the flow of water. It is suitable for ponds with deep sludge.
Roots blower: there are two-leaf roots and three-leaf roots It is suitable for large-scale aquaculture, such as large-scale aquaculture users with hundreds of mu to thousands of mu.

Roots blower

High-pressure blower: Due to its light weight, easy operation and single aeration function, it is generally suitable for use in fry cultivation ponds or greenhouse breeding ponds with a water depth of less than 1.0 m and an area of ​​less than 1 mu. In addition to the basic oxygenation, the pond oxygenated high-pressure fan also has functions that other equipment does not have. For example, the water area of ​​3 meters and 4 meters deep can be completed by using the high-pressure fan, and the high-pressure fan can be used to connect the aeration nanotubes. Or aeration tray, nanotube or aeration tray is placed deep in the pond to operate, so that it does not bear the effect of aeration, and it can also promote the rotation and up and down flow of the water flow, bring the harmful gas at the bottom out of the water surface, and improve the water quality of the pond. Conditions to reduce the occurrence of water diseases.

Roots blower Roots blower
Both the high-pressure blower and the Roots blower directly act on the aeration of the lower part of the pond through micropore oxygenation. The micro-bubbles float upward from the bottom of the pool. Under the action of the high oxygen partial pressure of the gas, the oxygen fully dissolves into the water, and the pool water has sufficient dissolved oxygen , To ensure the growth of aquatic animals and improve the survival rate of aquaculture.


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