Swimming/SPA Pool aeration

2023-05-17 09:45

1.Aeration for pool: The blower supplies pressurized air to air jets or bubble systems, creating air bubbles in the water. This promotes water circulation, preventing stagnation and improving overall water quality.Also,swimming pool aeration can promote water circulation and improve water quality
2.Relaxation and Hydrotherapy: The air bubbles created by the blower create a soothing and therapeutic effect, enhancing relaxation and providing hydrotherapy benefits for swimmers.
3.Water Feature Enhancement: The blower can be used to enhance the performance of water features such as fountains or waterfalls, creating visually appealing effects by adding air bubbles or turbulence to the water.
The working principle of a side channel blower involves an impeller rotating inside a housing. The impeller draws air in through an inlet and imparts kinetic energy to the air, causing it to move in a spiral pattern. The air then enters a side channel or regenerative channel, where it undergoes compression and expansion cycles. During compression, the air is forced into a discharge outlet, generating pressurized air. The regenerative process allows continuous compression and delivery of air to the swimming pool by drawing in more air from the inlet during expansion. This ensures a steady supply of pressurized air for the desired effects in the swimming pool.
Swimming/SPA Pool aeration




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