Food/bottle/Can Package(Air knife system)

2022-11-29 16:12
The working principle:
1. The importance of air knife drying type selection.
In order to better remove water or dust from products, a lot of research has been done at home and abroad, and a lot of wind knife application technology has been formed. The most commonly used method is to use air knife to dry the water on the product. If the air volume can not meet the requirements, it will not achieve the desired effect. Therefore, it is very important to select the appropriate blower (wind source).
2. Requirements for fan type selection for air knife drying.
In the process of air knife drying, the fan has its own requirements: the air volume of the fan is determined by the open section area and wind speed of the wind knife, and the pressure of the fan is determined by wind speed, wind pressure resistance coefficient, pipeline loss and filter loss (3-5KPa).
3. The change of air knife drying system.
New designed and manufactured air knife drying system, the pressure and flow of the fan are within the design scope. On the production line, the distance between the product and the air knife is not very far or some human factors cause the deformation of the air knife edge (narrowing or increasing) to affect the normal use flow and pressure of the air knife. At this time, the pipeline loss and pressure loss are particularly heavy. Yes.
Types of fan commonly used for air knife drying
Roots blower: Flow blower, large volume, noise, large flow, oil pollution, need regular maintenance, high installation cost, large-scale wind knife is widely used, generally large-scale wind knife is selected for drying.
 Air compressor: high pressure, low flow, high cost of use, and less use of such as air knife drying purposes.
Multi-stage centrifugal fan: low pressure, unstable pressure, high price, less application.
Single-stage high-speed centrifugal fan: energy consumption is large, the price is particularly high, generally imported from Denmark and the United Kingdom, less after 2000, the price is more than six times our.
The side channel blower: It has the advantage of high pressure, general flow rate, low noise, small size, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, oil-free and pollution-free, maintenance-free design, based on above advantage but the price is similar to Roots blower.

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