Central Feeding

2022-11-29 16:22


The working principle:
The side channel blower is the core equipment of pneumatic conveying system. It mainly provides the source power for pneumatic conveying system by the suction or blowing force generated by the operation of blower.
(1) suction pneumatic conveying device (negative pressure), which is caused by the blower in the pipeline negative pressure, so that parts of the material to move;
(2) Pressure pneumatic conveying device (positive pressure), in the pipeline due to the role of compressed air, so that the material in the pipeline movement;
(3) Hybrid pneumatic conveying device (positive pressure and negative pressure), in which part of the pipeline is in the state of pressure, while the other part is in the state of negative pressure, or the material moves in one direction under the action of pressure, while the return movement is dependent on the negative pressure in the pipeline.
central feeding




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