Biogas Conveying

 Biogas Conveying     |      2019-08-06 17:30

The working principle: The side channel blower will be used for vacuum conveying or discharge conveying the biogas or other explosion gas;
Dereike Explosion proof blower features:
Special designed according to customer technical required;
Color available: Gold, Silver, Grey or any others( Panton No. provided );
Voltage range: 3AC 220V ,3AC 380V,3AC 220/380V,3AC 660V,3AC 380/660V;
Motor working mode: Ordinary, Frequency conversion;
Available Motor brand: Nanyang Weite, Siemens,Jiamusi,ABB,Nanyang Wolong,
or Customer provided motor;
Anticorrosion treatment: Inner surface anticorrosion treatment, Outer surface anticorrosion treatment, Both Inner and outer surface anticorrosion treatment;
Ex Standard: ExdIIBT4 Gb,ExdIICT4 Gb, EX td B20 T130℃,EX td B21 T130℃ ,EX td B20 T130℃;
Please try to fill the questions below, so that we can analyze and select suitable model to you accordingly:
Type of the gas:□ methane □ air □ natural gas □ steam gas  □others        
Type of conveying: □vacuum   □discharge
□vacuum & discharge    □cycle
Total distance of gas conveying          m
Inner diameter of the main pipe          mm
Qty of the elbow        piece
Type of gas conveying control: □ordinary boot   □ top and bottom limination
□frequency conversion constant   □constant negative pressure protection
The air flow demands            m3/h
Requested pressure          KPa ;Requested vacuum         KPa
Model of old blower used (brand)                
Voltage:  □ Single phase 220V □ 3 phase 220V   
□3 phase 380V       □ others:        
Frequency  range :                  
Temperature of sucked air            to            ℃ 
Ambient temperature             to            ℃ 
Altitude of working place                  m