Aquaculture     |      2019-08-06 17:26
The working principle:
The blower in aquaculture, also known as aeration blower, is a kind of aeration equipment that releases tiny bubbles by compressed air in the aeration device arranged in aquaculture water, and then carries on mass transfer with water during the rising process of these bubbles, so that oxygen can be dissolved slowly into the water, so as to improve water quality.
At present, there are three commonly used blowers on the market: rotary blower, water ring blower, and the side channel blower;

Please try to fill the questions below, so that we can analyze and select suitable model to you accordingly:
Type of aquaculture:
□ Industrial aquaculture 
□ fish pond aquaculture
□ cage aquaculture on sea
□ ornamental aquaculture □ others       

□ penaeus monodon
□ crucian 
□ turbot
□ steamed crab
□ Integrated
□ others        

Type of aquaculture pond:
□ cement-pit  
□ mariculture
□ bog pond

Type of aeration:
□ PVC punching
□ microvoid aerated pipe     
□  aerated plate
□ aeration stone
The density of aquaculture         qty/per hectares or     qty/m2
Pond area         m2. Or length        width        height       m
The qty of ponds          . ; a blower used for        ponds
The height between the water surface and aerator           m
Total length of aeration pipe      m; One meter of aeration pipe needs air flow        m3/h
The pressure loss of aeration pipe(aerator)             KPa
The model of old blower used (brand)                        
Requested pressure       KPa ;Requested air flow         m3/h
Power & voltage:
□ 1phase 220V  
□ 3phase 220V
□ 3phase 380V   
□ others       
Altitude of working place             m