Aircraft Ground Air Conditioning

2019-08-06 17:08
The aircraft Ground Air Conditioning introduction
The main function of aircraft ground air-conditioning vehicle is to send suitable temperature and certain flow of air to the cockpit, electronic equipment cabin, and to cool the liquid cooling system of some special functions of aircraft, so as to keep the temperature and humidity within the prescribed range. Air-conditioning vehicle can be used to keep the pilots of military aircraft in good mental state after entering the cockpit. In order to control the working environment temperature of the electronic equipment, ensure its normal operation, improve the reliability of the equipment and prolong its working life. The advantages of using ground air conditioning vehicle are fast refrigeration speed, low cost, high outlet pressure and environmental protection. The disadvantage is that temperature is not easy to precisely control.
Composition and Overall Layout of Aircraft Ground Air Conditioning Vehicle
Power system: Diesel generator set can be used, small size, compact structure, small fuel consumption, good ground mobility after loading, can adapt to various transport conditions; all the power on the vehicle is mainly motor, all of which are powered by diesel generator;
Control system: The programmable logic controller (PLC) can be used to control all the circuits by micro-computer.
Overall arrangement: The whole system equipment is centralized in the loading carriage. Because there are many equipments and the space of the carriage is limited, and the safety and maintainability of the whole vehicle should be considered, so the discharge arrangement of the equipment is very exquisite.
Working Principle of Aircraft Ground Air Conditioning
The principle of the ground air conditioning vehicle system is shown in the following figure (in which there are filters, heaters and surface coolers in the first and second air conditioning boxes). The air is filtered, pressurized, cooled, dehumidified and warmed up successively. Initial and intermediate filters are installed at the entrance of the blower and alarmed by air pressure difference. When the filter is blocked, alarm and prompt for cleaning. The outlet and inlet of the blower are equipped with mufflers, and the air is sent to the air conditioning box after the blower is boosted. For easy adjustment, there are two stages of evaporator (corresponding to two refrigeration systems) and adjustable electric heating in the air conditioning box.

Please try to fill the questions below, so that we can analyze and select suitable model to you accordingly:
Blower used functions:
□ Vacuum   
□ Discharge   
□ Both

4.  Old Blower Type used:
□ Roots Blower □ High-pressure Blower
□ Centrifugal Blower □ Medium-pressure Blower
□ Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump   □ Rotary Blower  
□ Water Ring Vacuum Pump   □ Others________
5. Old blower used Model(brand) : _________________
6. Suitable Voltage Specification:   □ 1- Phase 220V □ 3-Phase 220V
□ 3- Phase 380V □ Other_________
7. Requested Airflow                m3/h
8. Requested Pressure        mbar; Requested Vacuum           mbar
9. Working media of pump:
□ Air   
□ Air with water   
□ Other
10. The temperature of the air               ℃ 
11. Ambient temperature of blower                ℃ 
12. Spot altitude        m




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