DHBT 620C 5D7 high press blower

Technical parameters units DHBT 620C 5D7 Maximum Flow m 3 /h 165/195 Rated Vacuum mbar -460/-480 Rated Pressure mbar 740/840 Frequency Hz 50/60 Voltage V 200-240△/345-415 | 220-275△/380-480 Current Consumption A 12.5△ | 12△ Power kW 5.7/6.6 R

100% Oil-free and Water-free, all pump motors are IP55 protection grade Class H insulation;
Dual-frequency(50/60HZ) and wide voltage design to meet voltage levels in almost all regions of the world;
The product is designed by software such as PROE, UG, CAD and motion simulation demonstration; Adapted by full sealed deep-sleeve ball bearing(SKF or NSK), self-lubricating, no need to add extra lubricant, pump body can anti high-temperature to 180C; Stable operating, smooth performance curve, which can working 20000hours continuously;
The heat sink design on the side of the pump body and the motor, and the cooling blower of the motor provides cooling to ensure the blower safely operation;
The pump body and impeller are made of ADC12 aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of stre ngth, durability, low noise, smart size, and delicate appearance.
IE2/ series of blower are available, which more efficient and energy-saving, it's the best choice in various of applications, especially the environmental protection industry;
Technical parameters units DHBT 620C 5D7 
Maximum Flow m3/h 165/195
Rated Vacuum mbar -460/-480
Rated Pressure  mbar 740/840
Frequency Hz 50/60
Voltage V 200-240△/345-415  |  220-275△/380-480
Current Consumption A 12.5△  |  12△
Power  kW 5.7/6.6
RPM min-1 2800
Weight Kg 65
Noise  dB (A) 68/72

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