DHB 710C 5D5-DA(S) Atex Blower

Special designed according to customer technical required.

General features:
 ●Max Air flow to 2480m3/h;
 ●Rated vacuum to -730mbar;
 ●Rated pressure to 1040mbar;
 ●IE2/IE3 high efficiency is available;
 ●With Thermal protection (PTC);
 ●100% Oil free, Easy installation, Maintance free;
 ●CE, ROHS,UL,ATEX certification approvaled;
 ●Broadband frequency and voltage used worldwide;
 ●High quality bearing used to Anti-high temperature to 180℃-200℃;


Dereike Explosion proof blower introduction
Special designed according to customer technical required.
 ●Color available: Gold, Silver, Grey, Black, Orange, and any others( Panton No. provided;
 ●Voltage range: 3AC 220V ,3AC 380V,3AC 220/380V,3AC 660V,3AC 380/660V;
 ●Motor working mode: Ordinary, Frequency conversion;
 ●Available Motor brand: Nanyang Weite, Siemens,Jiamusi,ABB,Nanyang Wolong,or Customer provided motor;
 ●Anticorrosion treatment: Inner surface anticorrosion treatment, Outer surface anticorrosion treatment, Both Inner and outer surface anticorrosion treatment;
 ●Certification:  CE,ROHS, ATEX,CNEX;


blower application
Packaging process
Fan Features


Dereike has 15 side channel blower production lines, with an average monthly output of 5W.
It adopts advanced production equipment such as CNC, laser machine, three coordinate detector, atomization tester and other detection equipment.
1. Professional:Excellent technical skills,and professional knowlege on products and applications;
2. In time :Respond quickly,in case of failure to repair,provide solutions within 24 hours;
3. Responsibility:Dereike promises 18 months free warranty time and a lifetime maintenance;