DEREIKE Air Knife HKZ-1000-S1-76-F18

DEREIKE Air Knife HKZ-1000-S1-76-F18

General characteristics:
 ●Maximum air flow up to 2480 m3/h;
 ●Rated vacuum up to -730 mbar;
 ●Nominal pressure up to 1040 mbar;
 ●High efficiency IE2/IE3 available;
 ●With thermal protection (PTC);
 ●100% oil free, easy installation, maintenance free;
 ●Certification CE, ROHS, UL, ATEX;
 ●Broadband frequency and voltage used worldwide;
 ●High quality bearing used for high temperature protection up to 180℃-200℃;
DEREIKE Air Knife HKZ-1000-S1-76-F18 in extruded aluminum or stainless steel material

DEREIKE Air Knife Systems are engineered, manufactured and tested to provide 99.9% of liquid, dust, and debris removal from products prior to labeling, ink jet laser coating, packaging, or other secondary operations using a high velocity, high impact air stream.

DEREIKE Air knives are available in extruded aluminum or stainless steel with lengths from 2" to 196" with an adjustable gap for better air stream control. We offer nozzle knives for direct drying, air wipes to match your extrusion profile and wire, and food grade air knives which are USDA and  compliant. In house engineering expertise allows us to provide a heat source for your high temperature applications or cold air systems to cool the parts. Custom air knife designs are available to meet your exact needs.

The breadth of our equipment allows us to engineer and manufacture the additional components needed to complete your system; including the DEREIKE Centrifugal Blower, butterfly valves to provide the appropriate pressure and air stream as needed, air knife brackets, elbows, Y-branches, and manifolds.

Air Knife Working Principle

An air knife is a pressurized air plenum with a uniform continuous gap which pressurized air exits in a laminar flow pattern. The exiting air velocity creates an impact air velocity directly onto the surface of the product to shear away moisture or particulates without mechanical contact. This impact air velocity can range from a gentle breeze to greater than 40,000 feet per minute.

DEREIKE Air Knife Advantages
Low energy consumption
Dry, clean, oil-free air stream
Filtered blower inlet to prevent particle contamination
Safe, low pressure
Increased production speeds and output for a quick payback
Reduced sound levels when compared to compressed air nozzle or round tube design

Available Options

Aluminum or stainless steel construction
Special inlets available including top, side, dual, and extended
Custom designs available
USDA and  compliant food grade designs available
Continuous air slot across the entire length with adjustable gap sizes

Advantages of DEREIKE Centrifugal Air vs. Compressed Air

Compressed air is highly inefficient and very expensive for drying applications. The horsepower required to create the flow necessary to achieve some success in such applications consumes an exorbitant amount of energy. Consider a compressor air system used to dry product on a 36" length span of conveyor. Running 24/7, this system will cost over $1,434 per week to operate. However, utilizing a Republic Air Knife System costs only a little over $104 per week to operate.

Not only is the DEREIKE Air Knife System more efficient to operate than the compressed air system, but the results will be much more impressive with drier and cleaner product.



To maximize air drying, blow off, or air rinsing, DEREIKE engineers the air delivery devices based on the specifications of the target. Next, the blower is sized to ensure performance and efficiency.


DEREIKE engineers provide expert technical service before, during and after installation. DEREIKE service components extend the life of the blower and minimize maintenance.


Only DEREIKE Blowers carry a full 2 year warranty. DEREIKE's superior design and workmanship maximize reliability.


DEREIKE Products offers a 100% Performance Guarantee for any DEREIKE Air Delivery System designed, assembled, balanced and approved by DEREIKE for drying and blow off applications.


As much as 80% less energy than compressed air drying and blow off and up to 50% less energy than other blowers, DEREIKE Air Systems are highly efficient while providing superior drying, blow off and air rinsing.