the surface painting of the vortex pump

2020-03-28 10:07
What does the surface painting of the vortex pump do?
A coating is usually applied to the surface of the vortex pump to protect its surface from harm, while the surface coating of the vortex pump is used according to the specific application of the gas pump, which is required in a corrosive environment or for decorative appearance.
For vortex pumps, the availability of a wide range of high-quality coatings can also meet the needs of all commercial and industrial applications. Whether it is a protective or decorative coating, there is a suitable range and offer choice for many products.
Protective coatings are widely used anti-corrosion control products in vortex pumps and are used to provide long-term protection and even harsh chemical treatment conditions during atmospheric exposure, depending on corrosion conditions. They can be powder or liquid coatings with weak or no structural strength.
In some cases, the appearance of the vortex pump is also very important, while additional chemical resistance is not required. This time you can select a standard or custom color decorative coating for the vortex pump to enhance its appearance and decorative effect.
What does the surface painting of the vortex pump do?
Paint is a decorative coating, applied to multi-paint liquid or electrostatic powder conditions, the available colors are usually composed of polyester or oleic acid amino resin system. They have excellent hardness and high cleanliness, and are very good at flow and leveling.
When it is used outside the vortex pump, it not only provides good color and maintains luster, but also has a fairly good chemical resistance, which makes the equipment play an ideal role in the application.

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