What are the main parameters of blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:31
The five parameters used by the blower are air volume, wind pressure, power, speed and transmission mode. When choosing the type of our high-pressure blower, we only need to pay attention to three parameters: power, air volume and wind pressure. Because the high-pressure blower is a self-contained motor, and the speed is corresponding, of course, if it is not necessary. Motors can also be mismatched. The following Shoupu will give you a detailed description of the three parameters.
Discharge [air flow]
(1) Mass flow rate: qm, the mass of the gas flowing through the blower in unit time, kg/s.
(2) Volume flow rate: qvsg1, the volume of gas flowing through the flange of blower inlet in unit time. The commonly used units are m3/s, m3/min and m3/h.
Pressure [wind pressure]
blower pressure refers to the rising value of gas pressure in the blower, or the difference of gas pressure at the inlet and outlet of the blower. The unit is Pa. Other units are: mmH 2 O 2, mBar, mmHg, etc. It can be divided into dynamic pressure, static pressure and total pressure.
(1) blower pressure: the difference between the stagnation pressure at the outlet of the blower and the stagnation pressure at the inlet of the blower, i.e. the total energy obtained after the unit volume gas passes through the blower.
(3) blower static pressure: blower pressure minus the dynamic pressure of the blower modified by Mach coefficient.
(1) Unit mass work of blower: increase of fluid energy per unit mass of blower.
(2) Static work per unit mass of blower
(3) blower air power: product of mass flow rate and unit mass work of blower, or product of inlet volume flow rate, compressibility correction factor kP and blower pressure.
(4) Static air power of blower: product of mass flow and static work per unit mass of blower, or product of inlet volume flow, compressibility correction factor kPs and static pressure of blower
_. Impeller power: The mechanical power supplied to the impeller of the blower.
_. blower shaft power: mechanical power supplied to the blower shaft.
Motor output power: output shaft power of motor or other prime mover.
_. Input power of motor: the power supplied by the terminal of motor driving device.