Air blower application in sewage treatment industry.

2020-07-28 15:41
Most domestic sewage treatment plants adopt biological aeration process. Blower is the core equipment of the process, and the blower is the equipment with the largest energy consumption in the whole sewage treatment plant. Its performance and operation economy play an important role in the normal operation and long-term benefit of the sewage treatment plant.
The main types of fans used in sewage treatment plant are roots blower (generally three leaf roots blower), multi-stage centrifugal blower, single-stage centrifugal blower and air suspension blower.
The air volume regulation of blower includes outlet throttling regulation, inlet throttling regulation, inlet and outlet guide vane combination regulation and frequency conversion regulation. Outlet throttling regulation is an artificial adjustment method to increase pipe network resistance, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the whole device. The intake throttle regulation changes the fan performance by changing the opening of the intake valve.

sewage treatment
This method is easy to operate and can save energy consumption. The combined regulation of inlet and outlet guide vanes is based on the inlet temperature, differential pressure in the compressor and the required flow rate to adjust the guide system and diffusion system by program to make the fan operate in the best condition. Variable frequency regulation is a way to change the speed of the fan through the frequency conversion technology, so as to change the air volume.
Roots blower generally adopts outlet throttling regulation and frequency conversion control, which has a wide range of regulation.

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