air blower VS magnetic suspension blower

2020-06-09 21:22
1、 The technical precipitation and R & D capacity of high-pressure blower has a history of more than 20 years, and the magnetic levitation fan is the product of recent years. Whether the magnetic levitation fan is feasible or not, we can say from another angle, for example, China's motor car, the magnetic levitation is still in a test stage at present, practice out the truth, only a wide range of use can promote the magnetic field It's too early for me to discuss the long-term development of suspension fans. 2、 The durability of magnetic levitation fan has been questioned for its inherent characteristics, such as low sound. Less energy consumption. But there are also many disadvantages. For example, it is not durable and fragile. The price is expensive. It's possible that you can buy a magnetic levitation fan for 200000 yuan. It's better to buy several more high-pressure blowers for practical use, and they may break down in a year or two. At present, many users often encounter such problems, the instability of quality can be seen. 3、 The domestic development of bearings for basic accessories is backward, such as bearings. As far as the development of bearings in China is concerned, none of them are qualified, just like the development of aircraft carriers. As long as the rough manufacturing in China is reflected in the precision production of core components, it is related to the business philosophy of domestic manufacturers. In Japan, many companies are called "what precision, what precision". In China, few companies have such a name again, which has been seen in terms of technology and development It is difficult for domestic enterprises to catch up with the Japanese and German precision bearings because of their business ideas. 4、 The international benchmark has not yet been established. The technology is not mature or the research is not thorough. Every family wants to set up a benchmark to be the norm of an industry, so they need to do a benchmark to increase people's cognitive ability.

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