Application principle of side channel blower in laser equipment

2020-10-08 16:37
The functions and applications of vortex air pump are very rich, among which the functions of both blowing and suction are very familiar to all of us. Therefore, there are many people called vortex air pump, which is also called side channel blower and flow measuring fan in foreign countries. Many terms are felt by the application occasions, but they are actually a product.
Using in the laser equipment, is to take advantage of the product's high negative pressure, high flow, lightweight structure, low noise, oil-free maintenance free and many other traditional vacuum pump incomparable characteristics. As a result, it is used more and more widely in the field of laser equipment. Laser is a new light source in 1960s. Because of its good directivity, high brightness, monochromatic, narrow frequency range, and can concentrate high energy in a narrow direction, it is widely used in the automatic processing of various materials. Now the developed laser technology is mainly used in rapid prototyping, cutting, welding, carving, drilling and other metal or non-metallic materials processing.

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High efficiency automatic laser equipment composed of laser technology and computer numerical control technology can be divided into YAG laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, optical fiber laser marking machine, laser engraving machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine and laser dicing machine. The working principle of laser equipment is basically the same: the graphics to be produced are traced in the computer through the computer software CorelDRAW or other software and stored in PL format. When the PL file is opened with the special software for laser equipment, the graphics of the file will be displayed on the screen; the equipment can mark or cut the material according to the graphic file of the computer.
Vortex air pump is the core component of laser equipment, its quality directly affects the quality of finished products. Therefore, there are special vortex air pumps on laser equipment. The vortex air pump uses negative pressure adsorption, and its specific role in laser equipment is roughly similar. Take laser engraving machine as an example: in the cutting process of laser engraving machine, rubber plate or paperboard should always keep original The position, can't move, otherwise come out of the finished product in accuracy and precision will have problems, vortex air pump here plays a fixed rubber plate or cardboard role. The suction generated by the vortex air pump (side channel blower) is used to fix the object to be cut, so that the object to be cut is not offset in the cutting process, so as to ensure the accuracy and precision of the cutting height and improve the working efficiency.

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