Principle of elmo blower Drying Beverage Bottle

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-05 18:29
Drinking bottle drying elmo blower unit is developed and designed on the basis of beer and beverage bottle drying conveyor, which can be directly installed and used on existing beer and beverage bottle conveyor lines. That is to say, it saves the cost of repeatedly purchasing conveyor lines and achieves excellent drying effect. It has great advantages in improving work efficiency and reducing production costs.
It is characterized by:
1: The elmo blower drying unit adopts all kinds of wind knives patented design, giving full play to the characteristics of high-speed warm air drying moisture of the wind knife, replacing high electrothermal power with low fan power, immediately and thoroughly drying water droplets and moisture, and eliminating residual water stains. More energy-saving.
2: According to the principle of wind tunnel design, the introduction of high-speed wind into a special wind trough leads to wind tunnel effect, guarantees high wind speed, and achieves the effect of rapid removal of surface moisture.
3: Customers can customize blowing bottles/cans, top, neck and bottom air grooves to complete drying at one time and solve the problem of difficult drying of bottle caps.
4: The air duct is made of sound-reducing material and covered with transparent sound-reducing cover, which is convenient for monitoring and can reduce noise.
5: The air source (elmo blower) has large pressure and flow, and is equipped with a specially designed sound insulation cover, which greatly reduces the noise.