Function of ring blower in brewery wastewater treatment

2020-11-10 15:50
Beer is an essential adjunct to many people's lives. It is closely related to our life to drink a little if you are happy or not. What's the use of ring blower in beer production industry. As we all know, ring blower is widely used, and it is indispensable in many industries. Of course, the ring blower is also the same in the beer industry, which plays a very important role. As we all know, the ring blower has the function of blowing and sucking, and the ring blower can be used in sewage treatment and aeration, because of its light and convenient, and no oil and gas Due to the environmental protection and energy-saving characteristics of pollution, many sewage treatment plants will choose ring blower for sewage aeration. As a result of the production of a large number of beer, which also makes a lot of beer wastewater is produced, this time we need to use beer wastewater treatment ring blower to solve this big problem!
Pollution status and harmfulness of brewery wastewater
According to statistics, it is generally (10-30) t / T beer (different due to different liquor types in different enterprises) [2], and the wastewater discharge is close to 90% of water consumption [3]. If the beer output in 2002 is calculated by 20 tons of water consumption per ton of wine, the total amount of wastewater discharged in that year is about 430 million tons, which shows that the amount of wastewater discharged by the beer industry is huge. Beer wastewater contains a high concentration of organic matter. If it is directly discharged into the natural water body without treatment, the microorganisms in the water will multiply in the process of natural degradation, which will consume the dissolved oxygen in the natural water body, cause the water body to be anoxic, and finally cause the water quality to turn black and stink, and seriously pollute the environment.
Composition of ring blower for brewery wastewater treatment
1. Aeration aeration tank is composed of three parts: aeration system and inlet and outlet. The tank body is generally made of reinforced concrete, with rectangular, square and circular shapes. The main aeration methods are blast aeration and mechanical aeration.
2. The primary equipment of aeration blast aeration, also known as compressed air aeration. Primary air source equipment: ring blower
The working principle of  ring blower for brewery wastewater treatment is as follows
Blast aeration is also known as compressed air aeration. The aeration tank with this method is mostly rectangular concrete tank. The pool is divided into several compartments with separate water inflow by partition wall, and each compartment is divided into several corridors. After entering the pool, the sewage flows in the corridor successively to the other end for discharge. The air is transported to the air diffusion device at the bottom of the pool by the compressed air pump of ring blowerr through the pipeline. The air dissolves into the water at the gas-liquid interface. The diffusion device has four different types, such as porous pipe fixed spiral aerator, water ejector and microporous diffusion plate.

Note: the ring blower for brewery wastewater treatment shall be ventilated and tested before the formal water supply of the equipment. Before ventilation, the ring blower shall be started, and 50% of the blower's air volume shall be sent to the aeration pipeline of the biochemical tank. The welding and installation quality of all joints of the pipeline shall be inspected, and no air leakage shall occur. When it is difficult to detect, soapy water should be used for testing. At this time, special attention should be paid to the fblower's work. For example, the ring blower can not work without load, the lubricating oil of the blower can not be recycled automatically when there is no pressure, and the blower has the risk of oil shortage. Therefore, during the leakage test, the proper amount of lubricating oil should be added from the air inlet to make the blower work normally.
Ring blower is the core equipment in the process of brewery wastewater treatment, which directly determines its effect and energy consumption. In beer wastewater treatment process, ring blower is mainly used to increase oxygen in aeration tank and promote the growth of aerobic microorganisms. Through their metabolism, suspended solids, dissolved organic matter and nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are decomposed to achieve the purpose of wastewater treatment. Ring blower is the core equipment of wastewater treatment plant.

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