Energy-saving and environmental protection are the main tren

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-10 18:46
With the rapid development of economic globalization, market demand will not only be the driving force of production. It also has higher requirements for technological development. At present, the market demand for fans will not only be evaluated by quality alone, but also have higher requirements for short production cycle, production cost and even assembled parts.

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In addition, in the market economy, in order to survive and develop, air turbo blower manufacturers should also have strong new product development capabilities and processing capabilities to meet customer requirements. Sometimes we have to take the initiative to make full use of the design improvements and optimize the fan products to maximize economic benefits. Today, with the increasingly serious environmental pollution, whether the production technology is environmentally friendly, whether it can achieve energy saving, consumption reduction, pollution emission reduction, and whether the material can be recycled have gradually become one of the indicators of competitiveness of this material and its production methods.
As we all know, air turbo blower is a universal machine with large application and wide application. The motor consumed with fan accounts for about 20% of the total power generation in China. Therefore, it is of great significance to popularize energy-saving technology in air turbo blower equipment to replace the backward wind shield or valve current-carrying regulation mode, so that the fan is always in a scientific and economic operation state, and to improve the comprehensive economic and social benefits of enterprises.