Research of DEREIKE air knife coating application

2020-09-04 15:17
Research of DEREIKE air knife coating application
1. The design of DEREIKE air knife provides the highest coating efficiency, the lowest turbulence and unparalleled uniformity.
2. Water-dispersed EVA, wax, resin and advanced air knife coating technology for various applications.
3. The most advanced coating machines at home and abroad use air knife as one of the core coating processes.
4. Water-based coatings are applied to coatings. In order to ensure the uniform coverage of the variable substrates of the coating, air knife is the best non-contact coating process, not knife coating or roll coating, vacuum coating, curtain coating, etc.
5. DEREIKE studied the pressure distribution on the coating wall of the single-sided and double-sided air knife coating impinging jet. The thickness of the coating changes with the changes of various parameters. In this process, the impinging jet of the air knife is used to remove the film. The excess coating material in the material, and the weight of the final coating is controlled by applying wall pressure and shear stress to the moving substrate from which the coating liquid flows. Various operating parameters such as the jet Reynolds number, the distance from the jet to the coating film, the width of the air knife jet blade and the air knife jet inclination angle can be changed to manipulate the final coating weight and thickness on the substrate.
6. The production of high-quality membrane materials is one of the goals of the membrane material manufacturing industry. This membrane material has a very thin coating weight and high uniformity quality. In order to obtain a thinner and more uniform coating weight, a new type of impact air knife (called multi-slot impact jet air knife) composed of one air knife main jet and two external auxiliary jets has attracted much attention. A multi-slot impact jet air knife is manufactured.
7. Air knife coating process has applications in many industrial applications, such as tempering of flat glass, chemical mixing 
8. Air knife cleaning, drying and coating on the continuous film material production line is one of the most important industrial applications for the production of film materials.


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