Guidelines of Dereike Side Channel Blower's Installation and Utilization

2022-05-09 16:55
1. The Side Channel Blower should be placed in a relatively stable place, and the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated.
2. The rotation direction of Side Channel Blowerimpeller must be consistent with the arrow direction marked on the fan housing.
3. When the Side Channel Blower works, the working pressure shall not be greater than 8KPa, so as to avoid excessive heat generated by the fan and damage to the air pump caused by the motor over current.
4. Except for two bearings of motor rotor, other parts of Side Channel Blower have no direct contact friction. There are two main types of bearing installation methods. The bearing at the end of the first type of air pump is installed in the pump body between the motor base and the impeller, which usually does not need to be lubricated. The bearing of the second type of air pump end is installed in the middle of the pump cover. The bearing at the end of the air pump should be lubricated regularly (7018 high-speed grease). Once a month, for three shifts of continuous work of the air pump should increase the number of refueling. This kind of air pump motor fan end bearing maintenance according to the first type of air pump.

5. The filter screen and silencing device at both ends of the Side Channel Blower inlet and outlet should be cleaned timely according to the situation, so as to avoid blocking and affecting the use.
6. Replacement of Side Channel Blower bearing: replacement of bearing must be operated by a person familiar with repair work. First, loosen the screws on the pump cover, and then disassemble the parts one by one according to the sequence shown in the figure. The removed parts should be cleaned and then assembled in reverse order. When disassembling, do not pry the impeller, use a special Ramallah, at the same time, do not omit the adjusting gasket, so as to avoid affecting the clearance of the regulator.
7. No solid, liquid and corrosive gas are allowed to enter the pump.

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