Blower speed is too fast

2020-05-19 19:39
This question was asked by a customer. The following points will be answered, mainly divided into two cases.
1. If it is an integrated high-pressure blower, use an inverter.
Then its speed is constant, the speed at 50hz is 2850 rpm, and the speed at 60hz is 3400 rpm.
For this blower, its speed can only be adjusted by adjusting the frequency. If the speed changes, then the performance of the fan will also change.

2. The pump head changes the diameter of the pulley.
And for the split fan, without the motor, that is the pump head, you can use the motor belt, or you can use the generator diesel engine to drive.
The rotation mode is a belt + pulley mode, if you want to change this speed, it is relatively simple.
Can change the diameter of the pulley to change its speed, which can be changed at the pump head or at the motor. The principle is the same.
The above are the two ways to change the fan.


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