Automatic basket washer with single-segment blower

2020-08-07 17:54
Automatic basket washing machine, also known as the swing basket washing machine, is a replacement for the artificial automatic swing basket cleaning equipment,
Before the device, if only rely on manual operation, the amount of labor is too large, at the same time more difficult to ensure the personal safety of employees, especially in autumn and winter and early spring season workers are really miserable, work efficiency and cleanliness is difficult to guarantee, delayed production does not say also caused a great threat to their own product health and safety.
The advent of the basket washing machine greatly solved this problem, the whole equipment only need two people to operate, equipment comes with transport, multi-section cleaning, drying, sterilization, automatic water, automatic water, temperature protection, water shortage protection and other devices, the operation process of the computer display real-time monitoring, at a glance, but also to ensure cleaning efficiency and cleanliness.
Workshop is no longer a mess of water, fundamentally solve health safety hazards, employee safety risks, greater savings in labor costs and labor intensity, is a major reform in production.

basket washer
The cleaning is divided into three sections of hot alkali water, the second section is hot water and the third section is tap water. In addition to the third section of tap water, there are independent circulating filtration water tanks, the third section of tap water as a supplementary water recovery to the second section of the water tank after heating use of part of the sewage is automatically discharged.
The second water tank is equipped with a steam heating tube, the temperature from the room temperature to 100 degrees C freely set, automatic constant temperature. The configured blower, generally a segment of power 1.5KW, the second section of the blower power 5.5KW, the third section of the blower power 0.75KW, conveyor belt motor power 0.75KW, the transmission speed of 3-15m/min adjustable.

Specific sections of cleaning, drying quantity, the required equipment size will be in accordance with the actual needs of customers have specialized technical personnel for customers independent design and development, to ensure customer practical efficiency, to reduce cost input for customers, so that the benefits, never rigid sets, regardless of the actual requirements of customers wanton waste. 
1, the whole equipment are using food-grade 304 stainless steel material, never, also do not allow to steal materials, to second-best, really do things, but also let trust our customers and friends safe and complete production, peace of mind to use, in turn, media, we have long-term cooperation and win-win; 
2, the installation of the whole equipment, especially welding parts are fine and fine, must be tight, must be fine, welding to ensure safety and more clean, not to allow the appearance of furry, resolutely avoid the use of customer employees in the accidental injury, this is the basic requirements of our production; 
3, the equipment parts and the role we have clearly marked, the main components of the operating instructions, precautions we will be marked for customers staff in a prominent position in each part, reduce unnecessary trouble and trouble, to ensure the safe production of customer employees; 
4, the whole equipment used in the pump, motor, etc. are imported or domestic first-line brands, to ensure the quality of equipment operation, the after-effects of the elimination of the invisible, customer practical satisfaction, we win-win cooperation and common development; 


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