side channel blower 2hp

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-15 15:32
side channel blower 2hp distribution cabinet adopts the exclusive technology of German Merle Company. Its main raw materials and components are imported from Germany. Its structure is strong, its design is flexible, and its operation is simple. It has passed the type test (TTA) and partial type test (PTTA). side channel blower 2hp can be used not only as distribution center, motor control center, but also as centralized control of power lighting. side channel blower 2hp is the most advanced distribution system in the world. It enjoys high reputation in the world for its excellent quality and high quality assurance. It can fully meet the environmental conditions, advanced technology, mature and reliable production process, compact structure, easy to install and maintain.
side channel blower 2hp distribution cabinet meets the standards: IEC 439-1; DIN VDE 0660; GB7251.1-2005.
Rated operating voltage Ue up to 690V
Rated working current Ie up to 6300A
Short-term short-circuit tolerance Icw up to 100kA
Short-circuit peak tolerance Ipk up to 330kA
Protection Level IP30-IP54
Service life: cumulative running time is 200 000 hours.
Manual circuit breaker-contactor combination: 30000 operations, extraction unit: 500 operations.
Electric operation cycle (with load closing and opening): circuit breaker-contactor combination: 2500 operations, manual circuit breaker: 1000 operations.