Cause Analysis of Blower Vibration Failure

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-26 15:13
The blower and motor are connected by coupling to transfer motion and torque. Misalignment is the most common fault of fans, and 60% of the faults of fans are related to misalignment. The misalignment fault of blower refers to the degree of inclination or deviation between the axis line of blower and motor and the center line of bearing. The misalignment of fan rotor can be divided into misalignment of coupling and misalignment of bearing.
After the misalignment fault occurs in the fan rotor system, a series of adverse dynamic effects on the operation of the equipment will occur during the rotating process, which will cause the deflection of the coupling, wear of the bearing, oil film steady state and the deflection of the shaft, etc. It will not only change the mutual position between the rotor journal and the bearing, but also change the working state of the bearing. At the same time, it reduces the natural frequency of the shafting, and causes the abnormal vibration of the fan and the early damage of the bearing caused by the force on the rotor and the additional force on the bearing. For the misalignment fault of blower, laser alignment instrument can be used to solve it, which is convenient and fast.
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