Explosion-proof turboblower is the new darling of blower Mar

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-14 10:27
For turboblower, air volume control is very important, neither insufficient nor excessive, otherwise it will affect the performance of turboblower. Once we encounter the situation of excessive fan air volume, we need to improve in time to avoid adverse consequences. Do you have any good suggestions?
Since the emergence and development of turboblower, its performance has been greatly changed and improved, and its application in the industry has also received more attention. Especially the centrifugal turboblower, which is a kind of machine that can increase the gas pressure and discharge the gas side by side through the input mechanical energy. Because the gas velocity is relatively low, the pressure changes little and the air volume will not be excessive.
However, the air volume of newly installed centrifugal turboblower will be unstable, and it will be too large or too small in the use process. At this time, we should use the opening and closing degree of the regulating door to change the speed of the turboblower to regulate the flow rate in time, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the air volume of the turboblower. In addition, changing the resistance coefficient of the pipe network to adjust the flow rate, and adjusting the flow rate of turboblower with higher or lower pressure are also effective ways to eliminate excessive wind volume of turboblower, and we can try to use them.