The use of side channel blower determines which model to use.

2020-10-22 10:37
Many customers often have poor effect when choosing side channel blower. Most of them should not choose according to their own use. The use of side channel blower. determines what model to use. Therefore, the use of side channel blower. is the first factor to be considered when selecting the type. In addition, the use of the blowers is closely related to the state of the gas transported by the side channel blower.. The types of the side channel blower. used are also very different due to the different physical conditions and chemical properties of the gas.
If the gas transported by the side channel blower. is inflammable and explosive, the atex blower should be selected. If the gas transported by the side channel blower. contains a lot of dust or is conveying pulverized coal, it is necessary to side channel blower. for dust discharge and pulverized coal powder; The gas to be delivered by side channel blower. has strong corrosivity, so it is necessary to choose the anti-corrosion type of side channel blower.. Different uses determine what type of side channel blower. and model should be used. Another is that the performance of ordinary side channel blower. is different from that of high temperature resistant side channel blower.. If ordinary side channel blower. works in high temperature environment, the motor of side channel blower. will be burned out The failure of the.

After the usage of the side channel blower. is determined, the power and parameters of the side channel blower. can be determined first according to the performance requirements of the side channel blower.. The decision is to choose the domestic or imported side channel blower.. Then, it is necessary to have a basic understanding of the specific grade of side channel blower. manufacturers, determine the production capacity, product quality, product specifications and other information of the side channel blower. manufacturer, and also consider the environmental protection level of the side channel blower..
In the process of selecting the type of vortex side channel blower., the technical strength and maintenance level of the manufacturer should be considered, and whether the follow-up service of the side channel blower. is timely can ensure the normal use of the side channel blower.. In addition, the performance of side channel blower. manufacturers in the development of new products can reflect their technical strength, which should also be considered in the selection of models.

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