What to do when the temperature of 1 hp turbo blower is too

 Blower Technology     |      2019-09-10 18:36
1 hp turbo blower
The bearing temperature of 1 hp turbo blower exceeds the standard, which is one of the important factors causing bearing damage. The main reasons for the high temperature of high pressure blower are as follows: (1) poor lubrication quality. The purpose of lubrication is to form friction between solid and liquid without direct contact between dynamic and static parts. If the quantity of lubrication is insufficient or the quality is poor, the dynamic and static parts will be heated by direct friction, or the heat can not be taken away by lubrication, which will increase the bearing temperature of 1 hp turbo blower. (2) Bad assembly quality of rolling bearings. If the tightness between the inner sleeve and the shaft is not enough, the clearance between the outer sleeve and the bearing seat is too large or too small. (3) Sealing felt is too tight and heated. (4) The bearing of high-pressure blower bears impact load due to excessive vibration, which seriously affects the stability of lubrication film. (5) The insufficient or interrupted cooling water of the bearing of high-pressure blower will affect the heat delivery and increase the bearing temperature. (6) The bearing quality of 1 hp turbo blower is poor. Sliding bearing scraping quality is poor, black gold contact is not good or tire; rolling bearing surface cracks, fragmentation, peeling and so on, will break the stability and uniformity of oil film, the surface of the bearing heating.