Sewage Treatment

 Sewage Treatment     |      2019-08-06 17:28

The working principle:

In sewage treatment plants, fans are mainly used for ventilation of sewage treatment structures, pre-aeration in wastewater treatment stage, blown aeration in aerobic biochemical treatment, mixing and stirring, etc.
In sewage treatment, the main blowers are: Roots blower, side channel blower, multi-stage centrifugal blower;

Please try to fill the questions below, so that we can analyze and select suitable model to you accordingly:
Sewage Type:

□ Industrial sewage 
□ Sanitary sewage 
□ Buried sewage
□ Chemical sewage 
□Marine sewage
Aeration Methods:
□ aeration disk  
□ micro aeration pipe 
□ PVC perforated
□ aerator 
□ others    
Area of the sewage Treatment    m2 or length     width    height     m
The depth from the aeration to the surface of the water       m
Proportion of the Sewage     
The numbers of the blasting aeration  pool      
The capacity of the sewage Treatment system       ton/day;
_________working hours/day
Diameter of the aeration disk     mm;
qty of the aeration disk       pieces
Length of the aeration pipe        m
Model of the old  blower used (brand)                
Requested  pressure        KPa ;Requested airflow         m3/h
Voltage specification:
□ single phase 220V  
□ 3 phase 220V  
□ 3 phase 380V 
Temperature of sucked air            to            ℃ 
Ambient temperature             to            ℃ 
Altitude of working place                  m